Jacques Messeca, owner of the private label women’s shoe line, Messeca Shoes, is an international shoe designer based in New York City. He founded Messeca Shoes in 1992, just two short years after moving to New York City from Brazil where he was involved in clothing manufacturing and production starting from only 17 years of age. Jacques credits his father for introducing him to the world of shoes and learned from a young age every aspect of the business, from selling shoes and creating a stylish accessory, to manufacturing a reliable product and managing private label brands. Pair of Kings Shoes is his first venture into the men’s shoe market.


Isaac Ariel, only 23 years old, has a passion for shoes unlike anyone else in the industry. He attributes his love for shoes to a summer job he had when he was 13 years old working at a shoe store on 38th and Broadway in New York City. This experience eventually lead and inspired him to open his own shoe store on 14th Street in Manhattan. Isaac drew his inspiration for Pair of Kings Shoes from his extensive experience and success working in women’s shoes and a fervent desire to apply his unique knowledge of shoe design to men’s fashion.