Crafting The Shoe

Designed for comfort and durability with highest standard of style
Carefully handcrafted by expert craftsman in Brazil
Eco-conscious with highest quality materials for today's man

Pair of Kings are the shoes that serve men who are looking for high quality, best in style and comfort. Our shoes were designed with sophistication and skilled craftsmanship. We searched the world for the best materials and lasts that really make a difference in comfort, style and durability.

Your Best Foot Forward

We know that your shoes are the foundation for your entire wardrobe and well-being. They are your starting point for comfort and confidence in your personal presentation. You can always rely on Pair of Kings as the solid foundation for your best foot forward.


Our shoes and moccasins make a man look good at work, at night or on the weekend. Our designs are modern yet classic, well-tailored, and made with great attention to detail. We have a manufacturing plant in Brazil, a country that is highly regarded as a top producers of high quality shoes.


In our construction, we use memory foam, the same material used in Tempurpedic mattresses, which makes the shoes very comfortable. We also use vegetable-dyed leather. This makes the shoes more flexible than chemical-dyed leather, providing an additional level of comfort.


Our shoes are made with the highest quality leather. They are leather-lined, making them breathable. Our moccasins have rubber covered heels on the inside, which makes them into ergonomically constructed, perfect walking shoes. We press ourselves to attain the highest quality standards and conduct global searches for optimal materials and develop refinements in our manufacturing techniques.